Ad Mediation Technology for Mobile Apps

Ad Mediation Technology for Mobile Apps

So, you have firmly decided to go for all the perks offered to you by programmatic advertising and put your ad inventory on offer. And this is where you come against another range of issues that need attention and professional knowledge, with ad mediation technology for mobile apps among them.

What is ad mediation?

Ad mediation technology is the set of tools that are used to monetize mobile apps and help to increase ad fill rates and eCPM numbers. In addition to that, it also can help publishers to search various sources (direct advertisers, ad networks, etc) for ads to be shown on their platforms. Mediation platforms send ad requests to a number of demand sources and look for the best available ad network. The networks are given some sort of a priority rank by publishers, and the mediation platform tries to fill ad requests starting from the top ranking one, thus ensuring that the best offers are not going to be overlooked. The criteria for matches (such as high revenue, or high eCPM) can also be set up by the publisher.

Why do you need a mediation platform?

There are cases when a publisher cannot sell their inventory via only one chosen ad network and they face the need to work with multiple platforms to be sure that their ad slots are being sold at the best possible price. The old-fashioned way to solve this problem would be to engage in a continuous process of optimizing the network and making decisions regarding which networks and when to use them. The current solution to help our mobile app monetize is to use advanced ad mediation algorithms that decide on the best ad network for your inventory. According to, the revenues from in-app advertising can increase threefold.

How does ad mediation technology work?

The whole process can be divided into three stages:

  • at the set-up stage, the mediation platform checks if these are suitable to fill your inventory by sending ad requests;
  • the publisher ranks the ad networks starting from the most preferred one;
  • when an ad slot comes up, the mediation platform addresses the network with the highest-ranking to see if it can fill the request. If it is not possible, the platform goes to the second-ranking source, and so on until your ad space is sold.

What are the benefits of ad mediation?

The mobile ad mediation technology offers you several significant advantages, such as:

  • automated optimization;
  • higher fill rates for your inventory;
  • higher eCPM rates.


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