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Preferred Deals

Also known as: Non-Guaranteed Fixed Bid, Programmatic Non-Guaranteed.

A preferred deal is a private 1:1 relationship between a publisher and a marketer. In a preferred deal, publishers offer premium inventory to the marketer at a pre-agreed eCPM fixed price.

Although the eCPM is usually a little higher, marketers pay to essentially get a "right of first refusal" on premium ad space. When an ad request comes in, the marketer with the preferred deal has the opportunity to bid at a pre-determined fixed eCPM price in real time before the inventory goes to an open auction. Inventory is not guaranteed.

Programmatic Guaranteed.

Also known as: Guaranteed Purchase, Programmatic Direct, Automated Guaranteed.

With a guaranteed purchase, the publisher offers the marketer a specific, reserved inventory at a fixed price.

Publishers and marketers agree on a price for a guaranteed volume of impressions or flight date. This is similar to a direct sale/purchase, but the software automation replaces the manual IO process, increasing efficiency and reducing errors.


The SDX API allows marketers to access and change the connection and configuration of an exchange directly through the API. The API specification contains all available endpoint and parameter information and allows you to test calls on the fly to format them.


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