How much application earn from ads? How long does it take? Monetization statistics

How much application earn from ads? How long does it take? Monetization statistics

It is not a secret that one of the main reasons to develop an app is to obtain profit. Moneymaking is at the core of any venture and it does not make the product any less worthy. Among many methods on offer, advertising is the one we strongly recommend looking at. You have a whole range of tools at your disposal – video ads, banners, native ads, all powered by advanced programmatic advertising technology and run by AI. The choice is yours to make.

Naturally, there is a question of how much applications earn from ads and how long it takes to actually start seeing any income. The second question has no one answer – it all depends on the level of your commitment and the funds you have to support your product with until it begins paying off. The first answer, though, is quite straightforward – a lot. With the help of some mobile app monetization statistics we'll try to outline the main trends in the sphere.

General mobile app revenue trends

The best way to ensure you that your application can be really profitable is to have a look at numbers. According to, the top 200 apps make about 82 000 USD a day, with games being the most profitable niche. The global income has been steadily growing since 2018 with an average growth rate of 11-13% a year. This is due to the fact that mobile traffic makes up a significant part of the global Internet consumption. The global revenue numbers are really impressive and can be obtained from several sources:

  • subscription apps;
  • one-time paid applications;
  • in-app purchases;
  • in-app advertising.

How much apps earn from ads

A lot has been said about the first three models, whereas advertising is often overlooked, especially by the beginners, as it is considered to be effective only as a part of a strong online marketing strategy and thus need additional investments. However, this is not entirely true. With the help of modern programmatic advertising you can offer the publishers ad space on your app and they are the ones who are going to compete for the inventory by offering the best price per slot. The process, known as RTB (Real Time Bidding) is similar to an auction with the difference that it is completely automated and takes less than a second. If you choose a high eCPM mobile ad network (e.g. Adsgard), you greatly increase your chances to make a profit.

Let's turn to mobile app monetizing statistics once again. The website claims that apps employing the in-app advertising model make the most money from longer video ads (5-10 USD per ad impression) and interstitial ads (1-3 USD). Banner ads provide the lowest revenue – only 0.10 USD per impression. Thus, the publishers with video (or playable) ads make the best clients to provide your inventory to.

How to attract publishers to your app

The easiest way here would be to find a trustworthy partner with the latest programmatic advertising technology at their fingertips. What you need to look for is a solid SSP (Supply Side Platform) that will provide a possibility to manage your inventory and traffic within your app, which, in turn, allows you to be in full command of your income. AdsGard brings our clients the possibility to monetize their inventory while having full control of their ad spaces and income with professional and technical support of years of hands-on experience in the field.


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