How SingleTap makes mobile advertising more efficient

How SingleTap makes mobile advertising more efficient

Imagine that you are playing your favorite mobile game; you have already passed several levels and are about to start a new one. While it’s loading you see a small ad that seems interesting but you don’t want to click on it and be redirected to the advertiser’s page as your game is in progress. And this is how it happens most of the time.
It’s not the best-case scenario for the advertiser as they don’t get the clicks they need. Is there a way to change the situation? The way out is to enable the user to click on the ad and confirm the download without being redirected and interrupted in the course of the current game. This is what SingleTap is used for in mobile advertising and it is really beneficial to both the users and advertisers.
It has been proven practice that SingleTap helps advertisers to increase the number of users. The results depend on the ad format which is convenient for the consumers, simplifies the download procedure, and allows the users to control the whole process.

What’s wrong with the modern ad experience

The answer is simple – there are too many ads. Since the app stores appeared 13 years ago, we have noticed a rapid growth in the number of applications and, consequently, the amount of advertising. It creates a virtual environment where users don’t want to be distracted, especially in games. The process of engagement with the ad, following the link to the store, and downloading the app includes too many steps and distracts the users from the games they have been enjoying, which is not the best outcome for the advertisers.

How SingleTap changes mobile advertising

This feature gives the users the option to purchase “without a store” or “without an order placement”, and it looks similar to Amazon’s one-click order. Instead of redirecting the customer to the shop, SingleTap ads allow them to download applications from the store just via a single click and confirmation. At that, it does not interfere with the gaming or browsing process that has been in progress. The users have the chance to keep using the software they had been enjoying until they decided to download a new app, thus, having the opportunity to have a look at the new download later. For greater convenience, there might be notifications about the end of the download.


The only difference between the SingleTap ads and the Play Store is the delivery to the device. Only the applications verified by Google Play Protect can be downloaded in one click. Any app that we want to install on our gadgets must go through a thorough multistage check-up process which makes it safe for the users. SingleTap has been meticulously developed and tested to ensure safe and reliable operation.
How to start working with SingleTap
Devices with our programmatic platform Adsgard give you the opportunity of one-clock installation. We are constantly working to make the SingleTap download possible for more than half a billion gadgets all over the world and this number is growing day by day!
You may naturally wonder whether all the ads will have a SingleTap interface. The answer is no, only the websites and applications using Digital Turbine SingleTap DSP (Appreciate) and the app download campaigns taking place through our DSP have the possibility to be downloaded via SingleTap.
SingleTap perspectives
We keep improving and developing the software by presenting SingleTap to our users, advertisers, and OEM partners around the globe. Thanks to new improved commercials, clearer calls for action, reduction of delays in the interaction with the users, and availability of customizable features we are improving a perfectly working solution.


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