How to monetize android apps with ads? Most effective strategies of monetization

How to monetize android apps with ads? Most effective strategies of monetization

Any mobile application developer sooner or later comes to the understanding that the product they make can be a good source of income and the modern market offers a range of Android app monetization strategies for them. The downside here is that sometimes it is quite difficult not to get lost in the array of options at your disposal. However, with a certain amount of research you can quite quickly make your work profitable.

Effective ways of monetization

Most probably, you know about paid applications and subscriptions. Having set aside these obvious ways to monetize android apps, let us have a deeper look into the models that are often overlooked by beginners – advertising. Some might think that it needs in-depth knowledge and qualifications in marketing, while others consider this way intrusive and do not want to overburden their users with side ads. Yet, mobile advertising budgets have been rapidly growing for the last couple of years and we strongly advise looking in this direction.

Types of mobile advertising

Some of the most common types of ads you can come across when using an app are:

  • banner ads;
  • native ads;
  • video ads and rewarding video ads;
  • playable ads.

Among these, banner ads are probably the least advisable for monetization of Android applications; they simply occupy screen space and, with time, may lead to the so-called “banner blindness” when the user simply stops paying attention to the image. Moreover, they demand quality graphics and need to strike a chord with your audience.

All sorts of video ads, on the other hand, offer a more subtle way to engage the users and, therefore, are one of the best methods of monetizing android apps.

Video ads for android application monetization

This is the fastest-growing type of mobile advertising; the spending in the sphere has been estimated to reach 25 billion USD in 2022. They are very popular and, contrary to common opinion, users are more than happy to watch those, especially if additional benefits are included.

Some android app monetizing models simply offer the developers to show advertised content at regular times throughout the game/application usage. You have the choice to make the experience rewarding not only for yourself but also for the audience and opt for rewarding and playable video ads.
The former is the type of ad where the users are suggested to finish watching the clip in exchange for a certain reward. The type of reward is up to – a benefit in the game, extra content, etc. Surveys show that about 77% of respondents would finish watching a 30-second video provided there is a reward.

A playable video offers a short-term experience of the advertised product. Help a little animal out of a cage, solve a quick crossword, find the desired object – simple interaction with the ad makes it more likable and, therefore, a more profitable strategy for monetization of android applications.

To sum up, video ads are some of the most feasible to keep your Android app among the most profitable. Finding trustworthy publishers might be a tricky task, which is why a solid partner is a must. Adsgard has years of hands-on experience in the sphere of programmatic advertising and we are a top-ranking company in the sphere. Our team will help you select the most cost-effective Android application monetizing strategy, whereas our AI-based combined with SSP working on the basis of RTB (Real Time Bidding) will provide the best paying publishers for your inventory.


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