How to monetize Android Game App? The best monetization strategies and models

How to monetize Android Game App? The best monetization strategies and models

Every developer knows that the process of the creation of a mobile game takes a lot of effort, time, and money. Naturally, you would like to at least get those funds back, and in the best-case scenario - get some revenue. Here we are going to have a look at the best strategies and models for Android game monetizing and it is advisable to proceed with the planning process before the actual start of your monetization campaign.

Best ways of Android game monetization

Basically, monetization is the strategy used to get revenue from your gaming app. And the perspectives here are pretty high, according to the Instabug blog ( about 90% of the revenue on Google Play comes from gaming applications.

When talking about models of Android game monetizing, there are several widely used ones:

  • free vs paid game app;
  • in-app purchases (freemium model);
  • in-app ads (programmatic advertising);

Modern internet marketing strategies use different combinations of these models to achieve the best monetization numbers. There are pros and cons to all of them, but programmatic advertising still raises concerns with developers and they can seem reluctant to use this technology to monetize their game apps. However, this is a fast-and-growing industry and is worth employing. The numbers speak for themselves, for example, by the data provided by eMarketer, advertisers have spent more than 90 billion USD on this type of advertising in 2021, and the growth rate in spending is estimated to be more than 20%. Let’s have a closer look at this model.

Programmatic advertising and its advantages

Programmatic advertising is the technology that is used in a large number of free Android games when the users are offered to watch a short ad in return for some game perks. This is the feature that allows app owners to find the best advertiser at the price they have determined for their ad space. It all works as an auction, and the bidding process takes place via an advanced SSP (Supply Side Platform) and is completely automated. It takes a fraction of a second to connect the advertiser and the ad platform (your game in this case). What makes it even more appealing to game developers is the fact that the ads your users are going to see are precisely targeted and they are not likely to see anything which is out of their circle of interest.

Other advantages of the open-auction model are that it is easier to set up, than other types of ads, and you get access to the widest possible range of advertisers, which gives more possibilities for the platform to choose from. And do not forget that you are in full control of your inventory price and audience targeting set-up.

All these make programmatic advertising a very beneficial way of making your Android game work for you. However, the whole process of a gaming app monetization takes time and knowledge. If it all seems too complicated to you, the Adsgard team is here to help with all our experience, expertise, and professional advice.


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