How to monetize IOS Game App? The best monetization strategies and models

How to monetize IOS Game App? The best monetization strategies and models

Developing mobile applications, and games, in particular, is a long and tedious process, and it is natural that in the end developers would like to see their efforts rewarded with sufficient and stable revenue. This is where various monetization strategies come into play. Choosing the right one has the potential of turning your product into a good source of income.

How to start?

It is advisable that you start thinking about how to monetize your iOS game from the very beginning. This will save lots of time when the app is ready. Moreover, the monetization model you choose for your application will affect the game itself as it may bring changes to the game layout, features, and even the difficulty of the levels. Among the popular monetization models you may want to adopt are:

  • paid download
  • free game with paid features
  • in-app advertising.

Having many years of experience, Adsgard professionals strongly recommend looking at the possibilities of programmatic advertising within your app, as it is the method that suggests benefits to developers without neglecting the users and their needs. Let's take a closer look at this model.

iOS game monetization via advertising

Programmatic advertising is a very fast developing monetizing strategy. It is considered to be highly beneficial to all the sides – developers, advertisers, and users. You, as a game owner do not have to offer paid content to your audience, instead they will have the option to watch an ad in return for some features unavailable otherwise. Users get what they need without paying real money, and advertisers get access to your inventory and your audience.

The best way to get this model to work for you is to find a reliable partner with profound experience in the field.

What to look for in the process

When you have chosen programmatic advertising as your preferred monetization model, you naturally face the choice of the right platform. There are a lot of offers on the market. One of the numbers you need to look for is the eCPM (effective cost per mile) which lets you know how much your app earns per each thousand ad impressions. This number also depends on the type of ads you show, thus this issue also needs a careful selection. Don't forget that if you show too many ads, your numbers might go down as well; moreover, there is a risk of getting an unpleasant review. Thus we again come back to the importance of choosing the right platform.

Why Adsgard?

We do not want to boast, but our methods have proven to be highly effective. Programmatic advertising algorithms that we apply are based on advanced AI-based technology which connects you with the most suitable advertisers and provides your players with highly targeted ads. According to the Statista website, the advertising spendings, which mounted up to 190 billion USD in 2019, are likely to grow up to 280 billion USD this year. The numbers seem very promising and, surely, you would like to get your share. Adsgard is here to help.


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