Main advantages of using Prebid for publishers

Main advantages of using Prebid for publishers

Header Bidding is the automatic mechanism for digital advertising trading which makes it possible to bid simultaneously on the same advertising space in real-time auctions. It has been developed to manage many advertisers, allowing it to automate the auctioning process. According to, up to 86% of the world's largest publishers have already started using this technology.

What is Prebid?

The multifunctional Prebid.js platform is an open-code solution that simplifies the bidding process for publishers' websites and apps. It's an integration method for media owners that want to monetize their inventories and sell their advertising slots.

How does Prebid.js work?

How it works:

  1. A webmaster receives the code and adds it to the app or website;
  2. Users visit the app/website;
  3. Users see the ads.

In more detail:

  • When a user visits a website or app, the code sends the user's data to all connected partners;
  • Meanwhile, an auction among the partners takes place; the one whose bid wins gets to show the ad;
  • The publisher gets paid by the advertiser with the winning bid.

The mechanism may initially seem complicated; however, the process takes less than 500 milliseconds.

Prebid.js advantages for publishers

  • A wide range of partners and direct connection to them;
  • Increased income from media ads sales on websites and mobile apps due to a more significant number of buyers and the First Auction model;
  • No double commission, as there is no single ad network that would charge them for demand aggregation;
  • Automated operation with the primary ad server, advanced reporting and analytics, timeout management, the possibility to show several ads per slot during one user session, etc.
  • Website or app users only see relevant ads;
  • Easy implementation.

Adsgard SSP supports all types of integrations, including Prebid.js. If you want to join the publishers already enjoying this technology, you can start our partnership by filling in an application on the Adsgard website.


In comparison to other tools, the Prebid.js platform allows publishers to receive more significant revenues from selling their inventories, as it decreases the number of intermediaries. It leads to a 20-30% increase in final payouts, which is particularly important for prominent webmasters.


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