AdsGard supply-side platform (SSP) provides unique opportunities for web publishers and app developers that are willing to maximize advertising revenues directly. Our publisher-friendly SSP provides users with the necessary programmatic tools for effective inventory allocation and monetization management. With AdsGard SSP, publishers get guaranteed full transparency and complete control over ad inventory at all levels. Sell your ad space to premium buyers at private marketplaces, monetize remnant inventory via RTB auctions and enjoy competitive pricing with programmatic direct.

Monetize traffic with the highest CPM rates

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Publishers Choose AdsGard SSP because:

Generates the Highest Possible CPM

AdsGard SSP is built on the top of the deep artificial intelligence technology that adapts to real-time market conditions. Indicates your inventory price and lets the optimal floor price feature calculate the ideal value for every unique impression. Increase fill rates while selling your inventory for the highest price!

Boost Revenue with Header Bidding

Header Bidding integration in combination with AdsGard SSP allows publishers to access additional sources of demand, gaining greater revenue. Offer your ad inventory to a multitude of demand partners simultaneously and initiate a powerful auction. Uncover the real value of every impression. Monetize your web and app audiences to the fullest!

Integrate Mobile Advertising with AdsGard SSP

AdsGard SDK is a transparent solution for mobile publishers to monetize their in-app advertising space across all existing ad formats. AdsGard SDK works seamlessly in a rhythm-sensitive mobile environment, serving relevant ads across all mobile demand sources, without interfering with user experience.

Ad quality & traffic quality

Ensure Brand Safety with Every Ad

Place your ads next to safe content on high-quality mobile apps and websites. A combination of AI-powered technology, human monitoring, and fraud detection tools will ensure you bid on a safe media audience only.

  • Anti-fraud 24/7 traffic verification to prevent any type of fraud
  • Creative Verification
    24/7 ad creatives verification to meet IAB guidelines
  • Black&White lists
    Select ad spaces where you want your ads to appear
  • Ads.txt& app-ads.txt compliance
    Work with authorized digital ad spaces
  • IAB compliance
    Be sure that all media buying processes work according to industry standards


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