Brand safety and Transparency Level up in traffic standards

The greatest variety of premium inventory multiplied by real-time Machine Learning optimization turns the incoming traffic into the gold mine that skyrockets the effectiveness of your campaigns in a click.

Fraud-proof by design

Scanning traffic 24/7, our award-winning security partners ensure a 100% secure trading ecosystem.


Our proactive team applies industry-best tools and strategies to ensure absolute viewability for your ads.


Smart algorithms make your ads appear in appropriate advertising places and brand-safe content.


Access all data about campaigns, transactions, or ad delivery in real-time via the dashboard or ask your dedicated manager.

Protection by prevention

We teamed up with strategic brand safety traffic partners and developed advantageous anti-fraud practices that outrun all kinds of ad fraud, including bots, click hijacking, cookie-stuffing, malware, and external attacks. In real-time, with Machine Learning, the system analyzes traffic and blocks sources where suspicious patterns occur.

Multi-layered scanning

We developed a combination of strategic and tactical steps that help us deliver verifiable traffic at all times. Additionally, you can manage and adjust the traffic to your own needs using the proprietary tools of our platform. You can:

- Filter the sources of traffic by domain, IP, and other criteria.

- Set your criteria for cooperation.

- Apply to write lists and blacklists to manage partners.

Protected in-app experience

Today mobile environment is especially vulnerable to threats associated with fraudulent activities. That’s why the paradigm of internal app protection in our SDK is based on the timely identification and in-depth analysis of user behavioral parameters, patterns, and fraud initiation scenarios.

Measurable results driven by performance

High-quality traffic standards are the core pillars our marketplace is built on. Technology is the first element of it and professionalism is the other.

Our traffic quality verification team keeps a hand on the pulse of programmatic buying and selling so that you could focus on things that matter:

-Growing your media-buying or media-selling strategy

-Enhancing the user experience

Viewability and transparency at scale

These are performance metrics advertisers and publishers typically achieve with the safety-enhanced and ultimately transparent media-trading environment of AdsGard.

60% viewability

20% ad quality index

25% user engagement

Brand Safety Advertising Point

Our sophisticated anti-fraud tools and connected safety partners thoroughly analyze where the requests come from. They attribute a risk score to every particular source based on which the decision on every impression is taken automatically.

Publishers and advertisers trust us!

2500 publishers
150 buyers


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