Mobile app monetization platform for Android and IOS

Mobile app monetization platform for Android and IOS

Having made a decision to monetize their Android and iOS apps with the help of programmatic advertising, developers face the next step – choosing the right mobile app monetization platform. The choice seems overwhelming and hard to make, especially when you do not know what criteria have to be taken into consideration. Let us have a look at the most crucial points and explain why the Adsgard company is the best solution.

Successful monetization – factors to consider

Programmatic advertising, or in-app advertising is the most popular app monetization strategy. According to AdColony, roughly 73% of revenue comes from this source, which is why it is very important to start looking for the right partner. The platform that fits you best should match the following criteria:

  • be suitable for your app type;
  • provide you with necessary advertising content;
  • the mechanism that the platform uses to choose the ads to display, etc.

Suitability for your application type

This is a very important factor to keep in mind, as different types of apps might need different in-app advertising strategies. Some utility apps are aimed at a shorter interaction time (users simply open them, get the information they need, and close the app), while iOS and Android gaming applications engage their users for a significantly longer period of time. Therefore, both the advertising content and format should be different. Some Android and iOS monetization platforms work only with specific types of products, others provide an enjoyable monetization experience to a wide range of app types.

Getting the right content type

There is a number of types of advertising products available, among them:

  • banner ads;
  • interstitials;
  • native ads;
  • rewarded video ads.

Some of these are rather simple to integrate, and might seem a better choice; however, a more engaging advertising for your app is more likely to bring revenue from monetization. The money-making potential (also known as eCPM) is also different.

There is no need to stick to one type of advertising for your app. A smart monetization strategy in collaboration with an efficient monetizing platform will combine the most feasible types and bring you the expected revenue.

Choosing the right ads to show

This is one of the most crucial features you need to look for in your future monetization company. The most advanced technology is the one that employs a fully automated algorithm which allows you to get precisely targeted advertising content right to your users. This technology works on the principle of real time bidding and has proved to be highly efficient in terms of monetizing and this is the way Agsgard offers you to monetize your product in order to get a stable and high income.


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