How to monetize Mobile Game App? The best monetization strategies and models

How to monetize Mobile Game App? The best monetization strategies and models

Have you created a cool game app? Does it look nice and keep bringing new users who provide great feedback? Then, it is high time to search for some mobile game monetization strategies. Basically, these are ways to make your product not only fun but also profitable. Though it may seem a tricky task, the odds are that you are going to get another source of income in the end. So, let's give gaming app monetization a closer look. The most widespread methods are:

  • free and paid game versions;
  • in-app purchases;
  • in-app advertisements.

Free vs paid gaming applications, pros and cons

One of the most popular mobile game monetizing models is making two versions of your game – free and paid. Both options have their pros and cons and you need to carefully weigh out all the implications. Surely, a paid game seems like a more feasible way of monetizing of gaming applications, however, the market for those is not that big, and a free version might attract more users to your work, and that might be quite beneficial in the long run. If we have a look at mobile game monetization statistics, we'll find just a few paid games in the top ratings of the most popular app markets. As of November 2021, there were only three.

In-app purchases

Another widespread strategy to monetize mobile games is to make a free app with the possibility of in-app purchases. In this case, all users download the same game and it is up to them whether to pay for certain perks or not. This way they might obtain some premium content, or purchase extra features – whatever gives them some advantage over other users. This is a good example of a mobile game app monetizing and this model is considered one of the strongest.

In-app advertising - strategies, advantages, choosing the right partner

The two methods we have outlined above seem quite obvious and look good from the point of view of stable income from your app. Still, there is always an issue with paying “hard” money for something. A lot of users are reluctant to spend real dollars for virtual features, and this is why it is worth taking another path of mobile game app monetization – in-app ads. Most probably you have come across them when using some other apps, but have you thought that it could be a good source of additional cash flow into your account? Instead of paying for the game, your audience will be shown certain ads either on a regular basis or they'll have the option to watch the advertised content in exchange for free goodies. If we take another look at mobile game monetization statistics, we see that the users are almost three times more likely to hit the ad if they are using a mobile app, and not the website version. This gives a lot of options for game and app developers as they can cooperate and share their audience capacity.
The logical question that arises here is where to search for advertisers for your product. The answer is already at your fingertips – there are several solid and trustworthy ad networks and online advertising platforms, Adsgard being one of the leaders on the market. Using our potential is a great way to add another profitable tool to your mobile game monetizing strategies. The greatest advantage of this type of advertising (and bringing ads to your app) is that it is very precisely targeted and your users might actually find the products advertised within your game rather useful, which will only increase your ranking among others.

All in all, apart from having several ways of making your online product both interesting to users and profitable, you also have a chance to bring the profitability to the next level with the help of advanced and convenient solutions offered by our team. Before making the final choice you should carefully think over all the options and turn to the gaming app monetization strategies which seem reasonable in your specific case. And do not give up on the opportunity to consult professionals – here at Adsgard we are always more than happy to help.


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