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Customizable interface

Choose the right integration option for you
SDK (software development kit)
API (application programming interface)
Ad Tag (ad placement tag)
Prebid (header bidding)

Free, powerful ad server

We offer a powerful, free to use server that gives you more control and more reach. Our ad server provides transparency, flexibility and control

Upload and manage creatives

Prioritize ad placements for specific customers, minimum prices and networks
Gain in-depth insights and data analysis
Manage market quality
Get personalized service and support

An omni-channel approach

We offer a truly multi-channel monetization solution. Whether you want to monetize your mobile app or take advantage of OTT/CTV advertising, we have the tools you need to thrive

Adsgard's RTB ad exchange and Programmatic support

Create direct programmatic deals, including programmatic guaranteed and preferred deals. Our tools make it easy to connect with top-notch marketers around the world. The platform gives you:

Sell ad space to premium buyers on private marketplaces, monetize inventory through RTB auctions and enjoy competitive pricing with programmatic direct
Monetize traffic with the highest CPM rates

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