Adsgard's global traffic quality team is focused on making the traffic on our exchange fraud free, viewable, brand safe and transparent.

High quality traffic standards
Adsgard is committed to providing marketers with high-quality, verified traffic. Through transparency and careful monitoring, we help make your campaigns successful.


Complete transparency of the traffic you buy.


Proactive elimination of fraudulent traffic.


Verification of the effectiveness of your ad display.

Brand Safety

Ensuring your ads appear alongside relevant content.

Multi-level verification

We don't cut corners when it comes to traffic quality. Ensuring high quality traffic is an evolving process that needs to be constantly maintained. From the manual approval process for new publishers to regular traffic checks using the latest technology, our tiered verification process is designed to ensure transparent, verifiable traffic at all times.

Quality inventory matters

Marketers transact with top-notch vendor partners in our marketplace with complete confidence that their campaigns will reach an authentic target audience. Our standards for engaging publishers leave no stone unturned and have been specifically designed to offer an exceptionally clean marketplace with premium publishers and only the highest quality inventory.

High Quality Traffic

We are committed to fostering an open discussion about what we can do as an industry to counter fraud, while implementing effective measures to ensure high-quality traffic. Adsgard's approach to traffic quality combines the latest technology and human expertise to protect advertising campaigns. With our extensive traffic quality measures, marketers are protected from invalid traffic and various forms of fraud: bot traffic, spoofing, click fraud, ad stacking, malware, etc.

Human experience

Adsgard uses powerful proprietary technology and trusted third-party vendors to protect our partners, but one of the most effective tools is our dedicated traffic quality team. Our experts work around the clock to weed out invalid traffic. When an unscrupulous player is identified, our traffic quality team quickly takes action to protect marketers.

Technology Partners

We work with industry-leading partners TMT and Pixelate, to ensure high quality traffic and ensure your campaigns are transparent and fraud-free.

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