Video advertising as a great way to make money

Video is the fastest-growing segment of digital advertising. Advertisers from all around the world are allocating large budgets to this promotion channel. Various video formats are a promising income growth zone for website and app owners, who can earn by embedding ad units to their products. Monetize your inventory to the full, and we are going to help you!

Efficient solution for publishers

Video ads can be set up for viewing along with context and media advertising. The bids containing videos of different formats and from different advertisers take part in the bidding process and the engine selects the most lucrative one. The publishers can use their accounts to set up the format of ads, e.g., by selecting videos only.

How to start making money on video ads

To start monetizing your inventory with the help of video advertising, you need to register with our service at the SSP (Supply Side Platform) side and set up your campaign. Select the ad type (video), set the minimum bid, and launch the campaign. We provide you with the opportunity to start making money from scratch and work with the best advertisers.


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