High advertising quality standards Through a combination of the latest technology and our in-house ad quality team

we protect your users by providing safe advertising from trusted sources

We protect your users by providing safe advertising from trusted sources

One of your primary goals as a publisher is to monetize your inventory and increase user engagement. At Adsgard, we care about helping you increase your revenue and protecting your users from malicious advertising. We have extensive experience in advertising technology and use the latest developments in the industry. Technology is only part of the puzzle, as our dedicated ad quality team takes a hands-on approach to fixing any quality issues. We offer secure monetization so you can focus on what really matters - creating a user-friendly experience without worrying about your users seeing destructive and inappropriate ads.

Automated detection methods

We've developed a robust proprietary system that scans Adsgard exchange ads across all regions. Using sophisticated algorithms and machine learning, we can eliminate digital risks for your users. As soon as our technology detects bad ads or any malware, automatic blocking occurs. This helps keep our exchange clean and up and running.

Actionable research

Our automated detection system is enhanced by our dedicated ad quality control team. With years of experience and extensive historical data, our experts are able to detect malicious ads that may not have been automatically blocked. Similar to the machine learning used by our automated systems, our ad quality team continually adapts to new ad threats.

Providing advice

We pride ourselves on our personalized approach. We value our partnerships and are committed to clean advertising across our platform. That's why we help marketers achieve significant and sustainable improvements in the quality of their ads by advising, actively educating, and offering full transparency of their ad display. This helps make the entire marketplace safe for everyone.

  • Checking traffic 24/7 to prevent any type of fraud
  • Creative Verification
    24/7 ad creatives verification to meet IAB guidelines
  • Black&White lists
    Choose the ad spots where you want your ads to appear
  • Compliance with ads.txt and app-ads.txt files
    Work with authorized digital venues
  • Compliance with IAB.
    Make sure all ad buying processes work in accordance with industry standards.

Technical Partners

We work with industry-leading partners Pixelate and TMT to ensure our ad quality standards remain high and threats to your users are blocked in the Adsgard exchange.


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